Love, in Spanish(8)

By: Karina Halle

With one smooth motion I pick her up and place herover my shoulder, caveman-style. She lets out a littlelaugh, playfully kicking her toes against my stomach andpounding her fists against my back. “Put me down, youbad man,” she says in mock distress.

I give her an exaggerated grunt and then drop heron the couch. She doesn’t have time to adjust herself;I’m on her in a second, pulling the dress over her headand discarding it on the coffee table. I stare down at herbody lying against the cushions, pale and soft and all forme, and grab hold of her calves, yanking her toward meuntil her ass and hips are propped up against the armrest,her legs dangling over the sides.

“Get naked,” she commands me, but I only give hera half-smile. I’ll get naked, after I’m done with the firstcourse. She always comes first. That is the rule, eventhough she broke it last night with those irresistible lipsof hers.

I get down on my knees and pull her hips evencloser toward me, her pussy is bare, wet and waiting. It’sbeautiful. I trail my lips and tongue from the inside ofher knee—something that solicits a breathy groan fromher—and up the silky path of her inner thighs. Shearches her back, pushing herself into my mouth greedily.

She tastes good—like her, like the ocean and youth—and I take my time running my tongue around her clit,up and down the curves before plunging it inside her.

“Mateo,” she says between groans. “Oh god, don’tstop.”

I grin and pull away from her, doing just theopposite. “Speak to me in Spanish, my Estrella, and I’llcontinue.”

I watch her close her eyes and arch her neck. “Fuckme with your mouth, harder, deeper,” she says in brokenSpanish. It’s the sexiest thing I have ever heard. HerSpanish lessons are really paying off.

Naturally, I comply, my fingers joining in so thatshe’s coming hard within seconds. She cries out, as if theorgasm has taken her by surprise, and I can feel herquivers racing beneath my lips and around my fingers.

I straighten up and stare down at her spent body as Iunbutton my shirt. “Now, I’ll get naked.”

I swiftly remove it and my pants until it’s just meand my erection in front of her. She lifts her head, eyingmy body appreciatively, the hunger reappearing andready for more. She’s insatiable.

“Turn around,” I tell her, and she immediatelyresponds by getting on her hands and knees on thecouch, her ripe, round ass facing me. She moves forwardto make room, and I get right behind her, one leg on thefloor, bracing my weight, the other on the couch. I wrapone hand around her waist and relish the sight of it, mylong, bronzed fingers standing out against the creamywhite of her skin.

I knead at her waist, her ass, the soft slope of herthighs, taking my time, building the anticipation for bothof us. When she starts to shift, her patience wearing thin,I bring my fingers up through her slickness, lightlypressing on her clit for a moment then taking my handaway. She’s wanting it, her back arched, ass pressedtoward me, begging for it, but it’s now my game we areplaying. In my game, it is not all about the goal. A sillyanalogy for a football player, perhaps, but when it comesto sex it is the truth.

I take her wetness and use it to lubricate my hand asI stroke myself. I bring my fist up and down my cockand close my eyes, carefully stoking the fire inside me. Ican hear her whimper, wanting to see, to be involved.It’s all part of the journey.

Finally, when I’m getting too close to orgasm formy own good, I start teasing the crack of her ass with thetip, and the slight pressure makes her moan.

“God, Mateo, please.”

I smile to myself. “That sounds like English.”

“Por favor,” she begs, her accent perfect.

I press it against her, feeling her spread for me, butI don’t push in yet. Teasing is just too much fun.

“Por favor, Mateo,” she cries out in frustration.“Dios mio.”

She calls me her God.

“Si, Estrella,” I tell her, and with one swift motion,I push inside of her. She feels like heat and honey, and asI drive myself in deep, I feel my breath and heartbeatcatch in the back of my throat. The headiness swarmsaround me, begging for more, as I thrust harder, faster.My balls smack her ass—in my delirium it sounds likeangels—and the need to come inside her, to plant myseed deep, takes over.

My grip on her hips tightens, and I hold on as Ipound her again and again. She cries out, swept away bythe same frenzy. The couch rattles loudly against thewall, and when my thrusts become more powerful, itstarts to move along the floor, inch by inch. I have neverwanted to fuck her so hard, so intensely, than I do in thismoment, as if biological urges and frivolous desire weremelded into one driving life force.

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