By: Alexa Riley

“No.” Her answer is quick, and we both know it’s the truth. She’s the type of woman who needs a firm hand. And it’s obvious she’s not getting that elsewhere. My cock hardens further as I think about dominating her little body. Filling her with me.

“Stop looking at me like that,” she whispers.

“Like what?”

“Like you’re going to fuck me on the table.”

I reach out, taking her hand again, and this time I bring it to my mouth, kissing her palm. “The thought crossed my mind. But I was afraid a few of the old guys might fall over dead from seeing a beauty like you laid out naked. And besides, I don’t show off what’s mine.”

“Yours?” The tone of her voice is irritated, but she doesn’t pull her hand away from my lips.

“Mine.” I growl the word and slide my teeth over her wrist. I feel her heartbeat pick up, and I lick her there, tasting her sweetness.

There’s something passing between us, and it’s intense. This is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before, and I can’t explain it. Being in her presence is like being punched in the gut and jerked off at the same time. It’s overwhelming and amazing.

“Here we go,” Rick says, breaking the spell. We sit back as he lays down plate after plate of food. The small table is comical, loaded with a ridiculous amount of food. I can’t help but laugh as Penelope smiles, reaching for the syrup and digging in.

* * *

“I can’t move.”

“Pussy,” Penelope says as we walk out of the diner.

I clutch my belly and laugh as I follow behind her, grabbing her hand. I can’t believe she out-ate me. I smile over to her and squeeze her hand a little. She doesn’t pull away from me as we walk back to the garage in silence.

When we get there, I see her car is already in the shop, and Butch is under the hood. I wrote up a work order and left it on the counter before we left so they would know what to fix. I just needed to get her here this morning, and now I need to make her stay.

“When will my car be ready? I’m supposed to be somewhere.” She pulls her hand from mine and crosses her arms, not looking at me.

“That someplace you gotta be have anything to do with you getting married?”

She snaps her head up and gives me a hard look. “That’s none of your business. I don’t have to explain myself to you. I don’t even know you.” She starts to look away, but I move in front of her and hold her jaw so she can’t look anywhere else but into my eyes.

“Don’t act like you don’t feel it, too, Duchess.”

“Feelings don’t have anything to do with this. We don’t always get what we want, Paine.”

The way she says my name sounds a lot like regret. “Fine. You wanna pretend? So can I.” With that, I grab her arm and pull her inside the shop to my office in the back. Once we get in there, I close the blinds and lock the door.

Turning around, I see Penelope has her arms crossed again, and she looks mad as hell. “You can go ahead and unlock that door. I’m not doing anything with you.”

I approach her slowly, making my moves clear.

“Sorry, but the work on your car isn’t free.”

Her eyes widen in shock. “You’re the one who broke it.”

“Cash or ass, Duchess. It’s time to pay up.”

“Fuck you, Paine. I’m not a whore.” She uncrosses her arms and makes fists at her hips. She’s pissed, and I love it. I get even harder seeing the fight in her. It’s going to make taming her so much sweeter. It’s clear that with her I have to push, and I’m willing to do that for her.

Standing in front of her, I push my big body against hers. I grab her upper arms and lift her onto the desk, pinning her there. “You’re not a whore, Duchess. You’re mine. And when I say it’s time to pay up, that means you’re gonna slide off those jeans and show me your cunt.”

I hear her intake of breath, and there’s a slight tremor to it. She likes my dirty talk. I lean over her more and push her all the way back so she’s lying on my desk, with her legs hanging over the edge. Once she’s down, I sit up and move my hands to the waistband of her jeans. When I grab for the zipper, she reaches out and tries to stop my hand. I push her fingers away and go back to what I was doing, unzipping her jeans and grabbing the top of them. Before I pull them down, I look up into her eyes and watch her reaction as I slowly pull her jeans and panties off her hips, down her thighs, and push them to her knees. I keep my eyes locked on hers, and I run my hands up her warm soft thighs, watching as she bites her lip. She looks nervous, as if she’s close to telling me to stop.

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