By: Alexa Riley

“Pull the fucking car out and drop the keys on the front counter when you’re done,” I snap at her, only making her laugh more. After a second she lifts her hand, extending her middle finger at me.

I stomp across the garage and throw the door open a little harder than I mean to. I’m shocked the glass window in the door doesn’t shatter when the door hits the wall. The sound makes Duchess jump again. Shit. All I seem to do is make her jump.

Butch just leans against the counter like he doesn’t have a care in the world, and irritation boils inside me. I look over at him and put an end to the conversation he’s having. “Back to work. I don’t pay you to flirt with customers.”

Duchess blushes at my words, looking embarrassed. If I had my way with her, that blush would cover every part of her skin. Yeah, like you’ll get that chance, a voice in the back of my mind says. Girls like her who ooze class won’t give me the time of day. No matter how hard I work, or what I have in my bank, they just think they’re better than me. Types like her want men in stiff suits and five-star dinners. I met a couple girls like her growing up, and I’ve learned to stay clear, and I always have, but something about her is pulling me in.

Butch winks at her on his way out, and it makes me grind my teeth as he strolls out the open door. If I blackened both of his eyes, he wouldn’t be able to wink again for a while, I think to myself. Once he’s through the door, I reach over and slam it shut. I try to get myself together and push back all these foreign emotions. I take a breath and try to smooth things over.

“All fixed up. It was the belt,” I confirm. “Follow me to my office, and I’ll write up your bill.” I start walking back towards my office and feel myself release the breath I was holding when I hear the click of her heels following me. I look at the windows that line the garage and see both Joey and Butch watching. Probably wondering why I’m taking her to my office and not just checking her out in the front. I want her in my space. Maybe when we’re in my small office, I can finally get a smell of her.

I motion for her to sit down when we reach my office, and I close the door behind her. Then I hit the blinds on the window that looks out into the shop so no one can see us. Just her and me now.

Taking my seat at my desk, I watch as she fidgets with the trim of her dress in her lap. Her pink nail polish is perfectly done, and as I watch her fingers play with the edge, all I can think about is flipping her dress up to see if her panties match.

She looks so out of place in here. Just like most of the shop, my office is a freaking mess. I never got a nice desk or chairs because they’d be stained in two weeks. Everything is worn and old so I don’t worry about it getting fucked up. The contrast between her and the room is another reminder that she’d never be with someone like me. Even if I pulled just as good of a living as a suit, it’s still all about appearances to people like her. I match their bank accounts, but I sure as shit don’t belong.

“It was an easy fix.” I tell her as I start to fill out the receipt. I should have broken something else and made sure she stayed in town a little longer. “But I wouldn’t go too far for a while.” The lie trips off my tongue easily, but I don’t have a moment of guilt about it “Stay close to town, I mean.” I raise my eyebrows at her to gauge her reaction.

“Oh, I’m in town indefinitely.” The way she says it makes it clear she’s not happy about it. She doesn’t look like she belongs around here, seeing as there isn’t much to this small town. If you want something fancy, you have to make the two-hour drive into Denver.

“It’s one twenty-five for the belt with labor.”

Without hesitating she reaches into her purse and pulls out a silver American Express card.

“We don’t take those.” I don’t know why, but I don’t tell her that we take cards, just not Amex. I’m letting her draw her own conclusions.

“It’s all I have on me unless I can run to an ATM or something real quick.” She starts to rise from the chair like she’s leaving.

“Sorry, no ATM, and the bank is closed. I’m closing up shop for the night, so I need to get paid.” I lie again just as easily as before. They keep slipping from me, but I want to see her again. Maybe if I can get her back here tomorrow, I can come up with a game plan of making a move on her, or at least find out who she is and why she’s here. Everyone knows everything in a small town like this.

She plops back down into the chair. “But—”

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