By: Alexa Riley

Like clockwork every day for the past two weeks, he’s at my door, picking me up at six thirty sharp. Each time he makes me pack a giant bag and asks me why I just don’t go straight to his house when I leave work. I’m slowly noticing that each day, more and more stuff is disappearing from my house and turning up at his.

It should piss me off, but it doesn’t. In fact, it just puts the stupid smile back on my face.

“Just making sure you’re good. You haven’t slept at home one time since the copper took you on that date. Don’t want you getting too deep into something and getting hurt.”

“Not all men are like you, Butch. Some of them actually don’t fuck ’em and leave ’em.”

“I’m not trying to be an ass, I just want you to be careful is all.” He runs his hand through his shaggy brown hair like he’s mulling something over. “To be honest with you, you guys just don’t look like you fit together.”

“What the fuck does that mean?” I throw the towel down on the workbench, then motion for him to move so I can drop the hood down on the Lincoln.

“He just looks like the type to be with some snotty trophy wife. His father’s the Mayor, for fuck’s sake. You see that guy’s wife?” His words burn like acid in my stomach. Fuck this shit. I’m not even hearing it. I know what’s been happening between Law and me for the past two weeks, and it’s been perfect. The way he touches me and treats me, it’s like I’m the rarest thing on earth. Like he can’t live without me.

“Fuck you, Butch. Just because I’m not some rich socialite doesn’t mean I can’t attract a man.”

“Hold up. That’s not what I meant at all. That went both ways. He doesn’t seem like your type either. I thought you’d end up on the back of someone’s bike or something. Not with the quarterback of the football team.”

He’s got me there. I can see why he’d think that, but like most things in my life I don’t fit the mold of what people think. Why would who I end up with be any different.

“Thanks for your concern, but it’s not needed.” I unzip my coveralls, letting them hit the floor as I step out of them. Picking them up, I throw them into the bin with all the dirty, grease-covered clothes.

“Just be careful is all I’m saying.” Butch does the same, peeling off his work coveralls before throwing them into the bin. I feel my phone vibrate against my ass, warming my stomach because I know who it is. Sliding my finger over the phone, I read the message.

Law: Can’t make it tonight, sweets. Work came up. Call you when I can. Xoxox

“What’s that face?” Butch asks pulling my eyes from the text. The disappointment must be showing on my face. Maybe a night alone isn’t so bad. I could go to that cute lingerie place in town and get a few things. I own, like, two cute pairs of underwear, and I’ve already worn them both twice. I want something different and fun.

“Law just canceled on me.” I try to make my voice flat, like it’s no big deal, but Butch puts his arm around me.

“Come have a few beers with Paine and me.”

It’s better than sitting at home. “Sure. I just need to run home and change before I make a quick stop. Meet you guys there?”

“Sounds good. You can help me poke bossman about the blonde piece of ass he was drooling all over today.”

I snort, remembering how Paine looked when the woman walked into the shop. I thought he might trip over his own feet to get to her. It was worse when she seemed to give him the slip. Now he’s been back in his office pouting about it for the last twenty minutes. I didn’t even know Paine could pout.

“See you guys there.” I head to my locker, grab my shit, and head home. I rush through a shower, and it only takes me thirty minutes to be back in town. I threw on some jeans and a simple black tee with my boots. It’s not like I’m trying to impress tonight. I have a man. The simple thought makes me blush and giddy with excitement. I have a man. I say it over and over again in my head, loving it more every time.

Deciding to drop my car in the bar parking lot, I walk towards Main Street in the direction of the lingerie shop. It’s a small town, and if you park anywhere by the main road, you can pretty much walk anywhere. Walking by the different shops and stores, I stop suddenly when a familiar face catches my attention. The sudden glance makes my stomach drop.

There, in the little Italian restaurant, I see the Mayor and his wife, with Law, and a leggy blonde who I’ve never seen before. They’re all sitting at a table together, and Law is holding the blonde’s hand. Like he feels my eyes on him, he turns to look at me, but I sidestep the glass window and lean against the brick building, trying to get my pounding heart under control.

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