Not Really the Outdoor Type(28)

By: Paige Tyler

When he finally stopped so he could pull down her panties, she lay there draped over his knee, her head hanging down to the floor. She sighed, relieved at the small respite Jason gave her. Even if it was only so he could spank her bare ass.

Since her skin was already hyper-sensitive, the spanks he gave her quickly had Kendall squirming and kicking, and her pussy gushing. She didn’t care where they were. The minute Jason let her up, she was climbing on top of him.

Jason must have had the same thought because he was already undoing his belt by the time he set her on her feet. Kendall cupped her red-hot bottom, watching eagerly while he unbuttoned his jeans, then straddling his hips the moment he rolled on a condom.

Bending her head to kiss him, Kendall reached down to take his hard cock in her hand and guide him into position. Then, in one swift motion, she sat down on his shaft, taking him deep.

Jason groaned against her mouth, cupping her stinging ass as his length filled her pussy. Kendall winced as he gripped her freshly spanked cheeks, but she made no protest as he urged her up and down at a frantic pace.

Maybe it was the spanking, or the thought that they might get caught at any minute, but whatever it was, Kendall came faster than she ever had in her life. Jason was right there with her, groaning into the side of her neck as he climaxed.

Kendall could have stayed there on her prized loveseat with him for the rest of the day, but Jason played the voice of reason and convinced her they both needed to get dressed before someone realized the door was unlocked and came to investigate.

“Okay, I’ll get dressed.” She pulled back to look at him, a sexy smile on her face. “But only if we can keep the loveseat.”

* * * * *

In the end, Kendall got her way and they rented a U-Haul. As she’d predicted, the loveseat looked perfect in the bedroom, even if Jason did make a habit of bumping into it every time he walked by. She was beginning to think he did it on purpose, considering he used it as an excuse to give her a spanking. Not that he needed one, she thought with a smile.

And the camping, when they went the following weekend, turned out to be more fun than she’d thought it would. Though she did make Jason pick her up and carry her anytime they came upon any plant that even vaguely resembled poison ivy. She might have come a long way, but she still wasn’t really the outdoor type. At least, not yet.

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