By: Penelope Ward

We’d found out the other day that our baby was a girl. We planned to name her Melody. I continued, “I know this is strange for me to say, seeing as though I don’t want to think about you and that asswipe, Adam, but if we hadn’t separated, Bea wouldn’t be here. So, no…I would never go back and change anything. Never.”

I looked at the inscription on the photo again.

The way it was meant to be.

I took a pencil from the counter and added a small letter A to the end of the sentence.

The way it was meant to Bea.


First and foremost, thank you to my husband for your love and patience throughout this writing journey.

To my parents: For inspiring me to follow my dreams from a very young age.

To Allison: For manifesting all of this and to my besties, Angela, Tarah and Sonia for your friendship.

To Vi: I cringe at the thought of never having found you. Who would I talk to? How would I do this alone? Thanks for everything…all day long! Your hitting number one in the kindle store was the highlight of my year!

To Julie: Thank you always reminding me with your example that talent and integrity can go hand and hand.

To my editor, Kim: Thank you for ensuring that my work is clean and ready for the world.

To my invaluable facebook fan group, Penelope’s Peeps and to Queen Peep Amy: Thank you for all you do. Love you all! Can’t wait for more Peeps parties and get-togethers, online and in-person.

To Erika G: Thank you for you for always being there, for July get-togethers and special connections.

To Luna: Te Adoro Mucho. Gracias para todo.

To Mia A.: Thank you for brightening up my days during our writing sprints that turn into random conversations that have nothing to do with writing.

To Aussie Lisa: Thank you for your friendship and for always supporting me. Counting the days till you come visit again!

To Natasha G.: Thank you for the laughs and our shared love of 90-day Fiance!

To all the book bloggers/promoters who help and support me: You are THE reason for my success. I’m afraid to list everyone here because I will undoubtedly forget someone unintentionally. You know who you are and do not hesitate to contact me if I can return the favor.

To Lisa of TRSoR Promotions: Thank you for handling my blog tour and release blitzes. You rock!

To Letitia of RBA Designs: Thank you for always working with me until the cover is exactly how I want it. This one is my favorite, but I always say that!

To my readers: None of this would be possible without you and nothing makes me happier than knowing I’ve provided you with an escape from the daily stresses of life. That same escape was why I started writing. There is no greater joy in this business than to hear from you directly and to know that something I wrote touched you in some way.

Last but not least, to my daughter and son: Mommy loves you. You are my motivation and inspiration!

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