Royal Prick (A Stepbrother Romance)(8)

By: J.L. Beck

He was a pitiful excuse of a man. Tension showed in his movements as he gripped the steering wheel hard, pulling us into the second garage door. I was getting to him, weaseling my way underneath his skin.

“You act like I neglected you or something? Like because I have nice things I never tried to take care of you. This is the part of the story that you never got to hear. The part I told you we needed to talk about.” Mark sounded slightly shocked, and I was more confused as to what he considered neglect and not neglect. What he did was most definitely neglect. The fact he even confused the two told me he had a major fucking problem.

I was over hearing excuses. My life was a revolving door of them. I grabbed my bags and opened the car door. I blew out a breath and then took in fresh oxygen. I wanted to get this done and over with as soon as I could.

I didn’t want to be here, but since I had no other option I made a couple promises to myself.

No commitments.

No relationships.

No friends. If I could help it. I was lost in my own thoughts, setting the boundaries that I needed to stay within as Mark spoke.

“You need to adjust your attitude, son. You’re here because your mom couldn’t handle you anymore.” He acted like he knew who I was. What I had been through. Like he knew me. Fucker didn’t know shit about me.

“No.” I whirled on him. I could see the shock in his eyes, the same colored eyes I had. We were the same height, but I had a good twenty pounds of muscle on me that he didn’t. I could land a right hook against his jaw without a thought. “I’m here because my mom deserves a break after raising me by herself for the last seventeen years. I’m here because someone failed to be a positive influence in my life, and I’m supposedly a problem child now, so thank you, Dad,” I finished my jaw tight. I wanted to tell him how horrible of a father he was but stopped, hearing the door to the garage open behind me.

“Royal…” The anger in his voice was nothing compared to my own. He didn’t have a fucking clue as to… “I want you to meet your step sister Noelle.” He said her name softly, like she was some beautiful fucking creature or something. I turned around, and my heart was beating out of my chest and I hadn’t even fully laid my eyes on her yet.

Noelle. Her name matched her. My eyes scanned over her body, from top to bottom. I was totally fucking wrong when I said having some kid of a sister follow me around. She was practically the same age as me, and she was far from a fucking child.

I took in her tan and somewhat toned body. She was lean but curvy in the hips, giving her that hour-glass figure that so many women wanted. Her blonde hair was the color of sunshine, and it was stacked up on her head in a tight bun. Our eyes collided, her hazel colored ones meeting mine in a death stare.

I could tell she was going to kill me, or I was going to kill myself trying to get rid of her.

“It’s nice to meet you, Royal.” My name on her lips made my dick hard. Instantly, I wanted to fuck her. Which made her so off limits it wasn’t even funny, and it wasn’t just because she was my stepsister. She was part of his precious future; the life he left my mother and I for. That very thought doused my hard dick with ice cold water. She was the reason we struggled for years. I would bet every single thing I had which wasn’t fucking much.

“I would say it’s nice to meet you too, but we both know that’s a fucking lie, right?” I smirked at her, my eyes darkening. I could practically hear her intake of breath change. Was she turned on by my anger, or my defiance to fit in? She probably wondered if all the things she heard about me were true?

“Royal, that is no way to talk to your sister,” Mark scolded me. I’m sure he was getting ready to take off his belt and whoop my ass. Like he knew what was good for me. The minute he started acting like a father was the minute he could tell me what I could and couldn’t say. Until then I would do whatever the hell I wanted.

I snuck a look at Noelle out of the corner of my eye. She watched me with caution, and I could see the worried look in her eyes.

It almost looked like she was saying… They were right. I sneered to myself. Of course they were right. I was the new bad boy of Sauk Falls.

Royal the epic fucking prick. You may bow to your prince now.

Chapter Four


Royal had been in the house no more than three days, and I was already regretting any of the good things I had said about him, or at least I was regretting having said them out loud. Jekyll, and Hyde by Five Finger Death Punch started, the music blaring through the walls rattling the pictures and bookshelves I had hanging on the wall. What an asshole.

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