Shifters Forever:The Complete Boxed Set(161)

By: Elle Thorne

“Please. I can’t do this without you. And I don’t want to. I want Dad there too.”


“Mae. I have to. I simply must. And it’s the last tie I have to my mother. I know she was just like me.”

Mae sighed. This was difficult. It pulled on her guilt for having Jake when Anna was dead. But she loved Astra dearly. “Yes, I know your mother had ties to the elemental world.”

“You don’t have to stay if you don’t want to. Just take me there and introduce me to them. Show me. Then if you want to leave me, you can. Kane and I will stay. But I must—absolutely must—know more. I have to learn about this elemental thing because otherwise it feels like sometimes I’m riding a tornado.”

Mae knew that feeling. And she’d run away from it.

“Okay, after you return from your trip to Europe, we’ll look into going to see the Order. You’ll meet Circe. And Marco.”

And hopefully nothing will happen.


A few days later…

Jake rolled over. They were laying in the bed at Mae’s.

He leaned closer and took her rosy-tipped nipple in his mouth. Her nipple hardened instantly and he could scent her arousal.

He flicked the hard nub with the tip of his tongue. “It’s time.” His hand courted the other nipple with lazy circles that made her quiver.

They’d spent the whole morning in bed, teasing, tempting, tasting. They’d had breakfast in bed, such as it was, because neither wanted to let the other one go for long.

He rolled her over, on her hands and knees, pulled her body tight against his. Pushing her legs apart, after a morning of foreplay, he’d reached a point he couldn’t wait anymore. He felt her moist pussy against his throbbing cock and spread her legs, and sheathed himself into her with one swift and sweet drive.

“Ahh. Christ. Mae.” The sweetness of her heat, the tightness of her muscles pulled the groan from him. He lay on her back, his next grown captured by the white flesh of her shoulder. He lifted her hips, pulling her in tighter and began to ride her, taking her gifts as his own prizes, and giving her the treasure of his love.

In and out, he pushed and pulled. The force between them stronger than gravity, his bear and her elemental joining in the eternal dance and battle.

When she began to convulse, a scream beginning, he clamped down on her, taking the soft flesh of her shoulder in his mouth. The opposite side of the one she’d been marked on before.

He clamped down, letting his canines breech the flesh, and then he paused while the pleasure of the couple bond became so powerful that they both began to climax together.

“Jake,” Mae whispered.

He licked the spot, sealing the wound. “Forever.”

* * *

“Want to make it official?”

“How can it be more official than what you just did?” Mae touched the couple bonding mark. It tingled and was warm to the touch. She’d missed that sensation.

It was on the other side of her neck from the mark Brad had given her. Jake hadn’t wanted to discredit or diminish the love she and Brad had shared.

Then a thought occurred to her. “Jake Evans, if by ‘official’ you mean a wedding, absolutely not. Preparing and waiting for Grant and Chelsea’s was enough for a very, very long time.”

He winked. “So you’re passing on a honeymoon?”

“How about an un-honeymoon?”

Jake raised a brow, as if he were suspicious. “What are you thinking?”

“When Astra gets back from Europe, why don’t we take a trip with her and Kane?” Mae swallowed the lump that sprang into her throat as soon as she’d asked the question. It made her nervous to return there. She no longer belonged there.

“Anywhere special?”

“For her it is.”

“How can I say no to the two most beautiful—and dangerous—women I know?” Jake kissed the tip of her nose.

A blue light flashed in the depths of her eyes.

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