Shifters Forever:The Complete Boxed Set(2)

By: Elle Thorne

Whoa! Holy mother of fine asses. The first thing he saw was Chelsea’s ass as she bent over and arranged things at her station. He paused, taking his time to enjoy the sight. By the heavens above, that was one tantalizing view. A jerk in his pants concurred with that assessment.

Chelsea whirled around. “Grant.” Her voice was breathless and low.

He wished that it was because he’d come in. He wished that it was because of him. Probably only because she’d been leaning over and had stood up too quickly.

Her smile showed off perfect white teeth. He imaged those teeth grazing his skin.

Still smiling, she said, “Today’s your day. Seems like just yesterday you were here.”

He hoped that didn’t mean she was disappointed to see him. He enjoyed the time they spent together while she washed his hair, massaging his scalp and talking about different stuff. Thankfully the robe-thing she would place over him hid the effect she had on him. More or less. Probably less. But between that robe and his pants he always managed to hide the tent he pitched for her while her hands worked through his hair, and her soft voice with that sexy accent pulled on him.

“Grant!” Lana’s screech disrupted the salon’s serenity. She lunged his way, locking him into a hug, her body pushing against him.

He noticed Chelsea’s crestfallen expression and quickly pulled himself from Lana’s grasp. “Hi, Lana. Sorry, I think I’m late for my appointment with Chelsea.”

“When are you going to let me tend to your hair... and your other needs?” Lana’s hand drifted over his crotch as he drew away.

He threw a glance at Chelsea, hoping she hadn’t seen that, and even more, hoping that she knew he was disinterested in Lana. He had to make it clearer to Lana to back off, it seemed. “I’m good. Thanks.” He kept his voice cool, but had to pry her other hand off his bicep.

He walked up to Chelsea. “No hug for me?”

“I wondered if you’d already gotten your daily allotment.” A smartass smile crossed her face just before she turned around and reached for the robe.

That’s what he loved about her—her sense of humor. And her awesome personality. Well, there were a couple more things. Her nice full ass, her hips, a set of tits that would fill his hands and overflow, nipples that he couldn’t help but notice.

“Not when it comes to yours.” He gave her a wink and took a seat since her turning for the robe negated a hug.

She laid it over him, wrapping it around his neck. “I need to get one that’s larger, so I can actually close it around your neck.”

“You’ve been saying that for a couple of months now. I’m beginning to think you’re all talk.”

She laughed and put her hands on his neck, her thumbs and fingertips rising up to his scalp, her nails raking his skin, her thumb pads massaging. “You know you don’t really need a haircut just yet. I don’t know why you get your hair cut so often.” Her eyes twinkled, dark chocolate against her fair skin.

“Really? No clue?” It was past time for him to quit beating around the bush, as Mae had pointed out.

The blush that colored Chelsea’s cheeks made her eyes sparkle and fueled his desire to see how far down her body that blush would extend. It also affirmed that she was at least a little interested—maybe. He breathed in deep. His bear’s senses took in her scent, her arousal and desire. His eyes closed, partially in response to the fierce need to mate with her that effused his body. His bear sought to take control of the situation and claim her, make her his, mark her for life.

“So what do you say?” He struggled to keep the desire from showing in his voice.

“To what?” She ran her fingers through his hair again. “Let’s go to the chairs, wash this hair, then we’ll see if I can give you a trim.”

He followed her to the back, fighting to keep his bear from staring at her luscious ass as it swayed, imagining what it would be like to smack her with his palm while driving deep into her. For fuck’s sake, he had it bad. This time was worse than any other.

He bit back a roar of desire at the image of taking her from behind, those luscious creamy globes pressing against his flesh as he pumped her and slapped that ass.

“Grant?” She turned around to face him.

He’d missed something she said. Dammit. “Yeah?”

“Never mind.”

“No, what?” He took hold of her hand, stopping her from turning around and leading him to the back.

“Oh, I was just asking you to finish your thought from earlier.”

If she only knew how many thoughts he’d had... And how lascivious... He knew what she meant. “I was asking what you’d say to the idea of maybe dinner. We could head into the city, not this town—” He laughed because the town they were in could hardly be called one. “—and we can do something?”

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