Sired by the Vampire King

By: Davina Baron

Chapter One

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“So cold, I feel so cold and so tired. I’ll simply close my eyes and drift off to sleep,” Eliza thought as she lay on the cold hard stone ground.

She didn’t know what had happened. She remembered crossing the road and then nothing, just a searing pain through her slim body. There were voices around her but she couldn’t make out what they were saying.

Eliza felt herself being lifted gently from the ground. Her long frizzy brown hair was being softly brushed away from her slender neck, and then there was an unimaginable pain throughout her body. A burning pain like nothing she’d ever felt before. She opened her light hazel eyes briefly just long enough to see a guy kneeling over her; he was cradling her in his arms tenderly.

She could see his hair was longish and brown, like hers but straight and not frizzy.

That’s all she could see as his hair hung over his face. He muttered something to her but his words were lost on the cold wind of the afternoon in Bronzeville on the South Side of Chicago, USA.

Her neck felt on fire, but she suddenly didn’t feel so sleepy, still cold but not as weak.

“You fucking jerk, what were you thinking?” Darius cursed under his breath as he fled the scene of the accident, leaving the girl with the frizzy hair lying on the stone ground.

She’d been hit by a car and was dying. Darius had taken pity on her as she was so young and beautiful. He’d turned her to save her young life. The elders forbade his actions and he knew this. You didn’t turn a human without their approval, you just didn’t. He’d left her there; he didn’t know what else to do. He couldn’t risk being found out.

Eliza clambered to her feet, brushed her skinny blue jeans off, flicked her hair from her eyes, and walked off, much to the disbelief of the small crowd of people that’d gathered around her.

“Where the fuck am I?” she muttered. Eliza didn’t recognize anything. She knew her name and that was where it ended. Her address was a blank and her life was a blank. She was like an empty canvas waiting to be drawn upon.

A roaring noise from behind her made her jump feet. It was only a station wagon driving along the highway, but why did it sound so loud? She hurried along the sidewalk knocking into people as she went.

“Hey slow down!” one woman shouted at her as she nearly knocked her off her feet.

“Sorry,” Eliza mumbled realizing that she wasn’t even out of breath. Eliza wasn’t the fittest person on the planet; she never ran anywhere or even walked if she could jump on a bus. Here she was though, running down the sidewalk without even a bead of sweat on her forehead. She was covering so much ground so quickly and not putting a foot wrong. It felt amazing.

Every sound was amplified and everything she looked at was crystal clear, as though she was viewing things for the first time in her life.

Her nostrils filled with the delicious aroma of burgers being cooked, but she knew the nearest McDonald’s was several blocks away.

“What the fuck’s happening to me?” she muttered as she ran with the cold winter’s wind in her long frizzy hair.

Eliza had no idea where she was running to, but if she stopped, she was afraid of what might happen. Was she capable of hurting someone? She had to get off the sidewalk, go somewhere quiet, away from people and fathom out what was going on.

She found the entrance to a wooded area away from the town and ran under the cover of the leafy trees. Eliza collapsed inside an old storm drain deep in the woods and sobbed, she was alone and terrified. One minute she’d been lying hurt on the ground, a guy had held her and then vanished, and now, suddenly, she was faster with better hearing than she’d ever had. She curled up in the damp storm drain and tried to catch some sleep.

“Hey, wake the fuck up!” a girl’s voice yelled as Eliza felt her legs being kicked.

“Leave me alone,” Eliza shouted back as she went to hit out at the girl. She caught the girl’s arm with her fist sending the girl flying backward.

“Shit girl, you caught me off guard. I’d no idea you were one of us. I can normally tell,” the girl said as she picked herself up from the floor and walked toward Eliza.

“One of you?” Eliza asked not liking the sound of those three words at all. She stood up feeling at a disadvantage sitting on the floor.

“Nicole, leave her alone,” a deep voice shouted from the storm drain’s entrance.

“Jeez, I never get to have any fucking fun without you lot finding out,” Nicole sighed as she backed away from Eliza. The deep voice belonged to a blonde-haired guy who looked to be in his late twenties.

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