Smoke and Fire(111)

By: Donna Grant

She just hoped it was worth it.

Rhi was passing a store selling magazines when she spotted Usaeil on the cover. Rhi rolled her eyes. Her queen loved how the human population adored her. Pretending to be an American and having a career as an actress had shifted Usaeil’s attention from her people.

Then Rhi read the caption above Usaeil’s picture. A NEW MAN? it said.

Rhi stared at the fuzzy picture of a scene inside a hotel room with Usaeil and a man in a suit. With blond hair. Rhi couldn’t see his face. It could be Con, but then it could be someone else.

She knew Usaeil was having an affair with a Dragon King. And now this picture? Con would never allow himself to be photographed, which meant this was all Usaeil.

Rhi unveiled herself, tossed some money onto the counter, and grabbed the magazine. It was time she showed Con and got his reaction.

* * *

Ulrik stared at the list of names. He had narrowed it down to three. One of those was the spy Mikkel was using on Dreagan. Ulrik sent three texts to his best investigators to have them watch all three people.

One of them was the spy—and one of them would soon be his.

Ulrik closed the file and returned it to the secret compartment in his desk drawer. Then he leaned back. He felt calmer than he had in … eons. Shifting had done wonders to clear his mind and focus him.

The anger swirling within him had been reined in. Mikkel would be taken care of in due time. Until then, Ulrik would continue with his plans.

He reached over and tapped a key on the keyboard. His computer screen flashed a picture of Harriet with blood draining from her eyes, nose, and ears as she sat unmoving in her desk chair.

Ulrik smiled at Mikkel’s failure. Yet there was a Druid in his employ that was powerful enough to pique his interest. He was going to have to meet her soon.

The Dragon Kings had won a small skirmish. Ryder had his mate, and Henry’s sister was alive. It was Mikkel’s lack of foresight that caused them to fail. But Ulrik had something in mind that was going to set the Kings back.

Somewhere in Sweden …

V watched the woman fighting with her lover in the crowded bar. The man was uninterested in reconciling, and the woman was heartbroken. That was something V could help her with.

Loud music began to play as the woman pushed her way through the throng of people trying to get to the door. V reached the door before she did and held it open for her.

“He’s no’ worth it.”

She brushed away her tears. “Excuse me?”

“I saw you with him,” V said as they walked outside. “He doesna care. You deserve someone who cares about you. Someone who’ll give you the attention your exquisite beauty deserves.”

“And you’re that man?” she asked, sniffling.

V smiled. “I could be.”

She looked through the glass windows inside the bar. Then she faced V. “Prove it.”

His arm snaked out and yanked her against him. With his other hand he traced the line of her jaw. “I’ll do much more than that.”

He kissed her deeply. She moaned into his mouth, her fingers clutching his shoulders as she forgot all about her tears and the man who didn’t want her.

V maneuvered them toward an alley, but she broke the kiss. She looked up at him with her pupils dilated and her breathing ragged.

“My roommate is gone for the night. Let’s go back to my place.”

V took her hand with a smile. “Yes, let’s.”

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To my editor, Monique Patterson, miracle extraordinaire. Sums you up perfectly!

To my agent, Natanya Wheeler, for always being ready with an answer no matter what my question might be. And for our mutual love of wine, pasta, hunky guys, and the written word.

To everyone at SMP who was involved in getting this book ready, including Alex, Erin, Amy, the truly amazing art department, and marketing. Y’all are astounding. Thank you!

A special thanks to my friends and family for the endless support and love.

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