Taken by Two(10)

By: Sam J. D. Hunt

His tongue found mine once again, sharing my own slick essence from his mouth to mine. My fingers slid down to hold onto his hard shaft, stroking it slowly until he could take no more.

“I’m going to die if I can’t be inside you soon,” he begged as my thighs fell open to allow him to plunge deep inside me.

I screamed as his thickness parted me, despite his hand covering my mouth in a vain attempt to quiet me.

My nails clawed into his back as he thrust—hard and unyielding against my tightness—over and over until we both shuddered in climatic ecstasy.

I fell asleep with Nate, perfect and beautiful, wrapped around me. Irrationally, I didn’t want to leave him. But the big guy, Rex, scared me shitless. He had complete control over Nate—brainwashed, clearly. And what if what he injected me with was some sort of drug that would make me the same way? No, I had to stop pretending as if I were in some sweeping adventure novel and get the fuck off that island before shit got real.

The more I thought about it, the more freaked out I became. This isn’t a game, I thought, my heart pounding. These men could kill me… I slid from the bed and found his jeans. Inside, there was the key he’d used to lock the door.

I managed to open the lock from the inside with his key—and after dressing in the snug borrowed clothes, I slinked from the bedroom that had become my jail cell and out into a modern living room.

Chapter Three

“Penny, what the fuck?” Strong arms were lifting me, carrying me—but my heavy eyelids wouldn’t open, my parched lips were sealed shut. I’d been ridiculously unprepared for my attempt at escape, and ended up wandering the harsh jungle for hours and hours until I somehow tripped and fell. I don’t remember where I landed, just being very thirsty and confused.

I’m not sure how far he carried me. In my dream-like state, I wasn’t sure if I was alive or dead. My head pounded, my heart fluttered. Nate’s angelic face floated by my thoughts, his steel blue eyes comforting as he called to me. Rex’s deep voice vibrated from somewhere near, whether real or imagined, I’m still not sure. “Hang in there, baby girl, I’ve got you,” he reassured me that afternoon.

It all went dark for a long time, and then a blinding light flooded my vision. My head was in a thick cloud, pounding and pained. The light burned, and yet his fingers were forcing my eyes open. “Penelope, say something.”

I struggled to open my eyes. Rex was hovering over me, the unmistakable look of concern in his eyes betraying his normal coldness. “I–I got lost, I was thirsty, fell into the river…so chilly…” I shivered, despite the brutal humid heat of the jungle around us. A scratchy wool blanket was wrapped around me. It was dark—I managed to tilt my head—we were in a tent. A tiny tent; my escape plan had been an epic failure. What would he do to me now?

“You’re dehydrated, suffering from exposure. Falling into the river probably saved your life, sweetheart.” Rex’s normally harsh voice was soft, deep and swaddling as he spoke, his fingers brushing across my forehead. “Good thing I gave you a typhoid shot.”

“Shot?” I was beginning to awaken.

“The other day, in your room. The injection was a typhoid fever vaccine.”

A cold cloth wiped over me, followed by cool water at my lips. “Drink a little more, sweetheart.” I fell back into a sound, dream-filled sleep.

“I’ll be okay?” I was awake again, after what seemed like hours of comatose sleep, and sitting up on a sleeping bag in the tiny tent. Rex sat across from me on the ground, his fingers raking through his hair. He nodded, his dark blue eyes rising to mine, a faint smile betraying his feigned anger.

“Tell me you didn’t harm Nate.” His words were icy cold, severe—he couldn’t mask his concern for his—for Nate.

“I took the key from his jeans after we…”

“Why the fuck would you leave the compound? We’re trying to keep you safe. You managed to escape from the good guys, Einstein, and almost got yourself killed in the process.”

“I-I…I was kidnapped! You had me locked in a room against my will, then forcibly gave me a shot of something—oh yeah, and before that you stuck me in a canvas sack. And, of course, you murdered a friend of mine.”

“What? Murdered?”

“The bartender you disposed of? I’ve known him for years.” I couldn’t believe I was arguing with a cold-blooded killer.

“I paid the guy off to not mention your leaving Vegas to have a tryst with some guy—I convinced him it would ruin the dude’s trust fund and piss off his family. I didn’t hurt your bartender.”

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