The #1 Bestsellers Collection 2011(267)

By: Trish Morey

“Oh, Adam …” It was everything. Everything she’d hoped and dreamed and prayed for. All of it was here, within arm’s reach. She saw what she’d always wanted to see in his eyes and knew that they would now have the life together that she so craved.

“I miss you,” he said, gaze moving over her face like a dying man taking his last look at the world. “Like an arm or a leg. I miss you. A part of me is gone without you. Nothing means anything anymore because you’re not with me. Gina, I want you to come home. Be my wife again. Let me be the husband I should have been to you. I do love you, Gina. I’m not too stubborn to say it anymore. Will you take me back? Will you help me try again for another baby?”

Gina was staggered by his presence, his words, by the love shining in his eyes. She could even forgive her father for interfering this time.

“I love you, too, Adam,” she said, reaching up to cup his cheek in the palm of her hand.

“Thank God,” he whispered and pulled her in close again. When he kissed her there was desperation and adoration and the hunger Gina knew so well. Finally, though, when they broke apart to smile at each other, Gina had to tell him.

“I’ll come home with you, Adam, and we’ll make that wonderful life together. But—”

He scowled at her. “But?”

“There’s no need to work on another baby just yet,” she said, taking his hand and laying it flat against her belly. Meeting his gaze, she smiled wider, brighter and saw realization dawn in his eyes. “Our first child is just fine.”

He looked confused. “You’re still—”


“So your father—”

“Yes,” Gina said, grinning now as she went up on her toes to link her arms around his neck.

“The old fraud,” Adam muttered, grinning back at her as he lifted her off her feet and swung her in a wide circle. “Remind me to buy your father a drink when we get home.”

“That’s a deal,” Gina said.

“Let’s seal this bargain right, shall we?” Then Adam kissed her and felt his world shift back into balance.

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