The Alpha's Virgin Witch

By: Sam Crescent

Chapter One

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

Lucy Wolf stared at her only friend, Bianca, and smiled. “It’s time I moved away from here, I think. It’s not right for me. Not really.”

“You’re sure you’re allowed to leave? We’re a very private pack, Lucy. I don’t imagine you can just walk away.”

She sighed, and then took a sip of her coffee. It was hard for her to make a decision like this. At twenty-three years old, she was more than ready to leave Wolf Valley to go and find some clue as to who she was. Twenty-three years ago her parents, who happened to be wolves, had found her abandoned by a creek, so they were not really her birth parents. They had told her many times she had been wrapped in a blanket covered with blood, and she wasn’t even screaming. Her parents had actually stumbled onto her while they were running through the local forest. Neither her father nor her mother told her anything else about where they found her. She’d been a baby, so there hadn’t really been a reason for her to go hunting for a life outside of the pack.

Then problems started for her when she was around fifteen. The pack attended a school just outside of Wolf Valley that mingled them with humans. Lucy had believed she was a human. She’d never been a wolf, and most of the pack, except for her parents and Bianca, had treated her like an outcast for most of her life, and there was no reason to believe that she was anything other than human. Then everything changed, and Lucy became aware of the fact she was the wolves’ enemy.

The bullying and snide comments had been building for years, and something just snapped. Lucy had been down by the lake with Bianca when the alpha’s crew had decided to go. They had called her names because of her weight and because she wasn’t a wolf. Once young wolves hit puberty they started to go through the transition. She knew that Caleb Marks, the Alpha’s son, had changed into a wolf at a young age. In time he would take over from his father, but until then, he was being trained. He was older than she was by three years. Lucy had ordered herself not to even think about him. What was the point? Caleb would be an Alpha, destined to run the pack. There wouldn’t be any chance of her even registering on his radar. He’d only be interested in pack females who were strong and able to run with him come the full moon.

She and Bianca had been enjoying the sun, listening to music when some of the females of the alpha’s crew had started to taunt her. They called her a homeless dud, a fat bitch, useless excuse for living. Lucy had heard it all before, and she ignored it. When they had started on Bianca that had been the last straw.

For ten minutes they’d called Bianca a human lover and many vile names. It was then one of the girls had walked over to them and tried to pull Bianca into the water.

“Do you remember how you told Patricia to back off?” Bianca asked. She must have been thinking about the same incident as Lucy was.

Lucy did remember. On the day her heart had been pounding, and she had felt the rage build inside her. It was like it had bubbled under the surface waiting to be released. Her only target had been Patricia, for hurting her friend.

“I remember, and she told me to ‘fuck off, fatty’.” The entire event stuck in her mind.

Lucy had been shoved, and Bianca had let out a cry of pain. Bianca was a wolf, but Lucy had heard others refer to her as a submissive wolf. She wasn’t a fighter.

Lucy had been angered, enraged, and unable to control what happened next. Her body had not been her own.

“You told them to back off, and it was magic. You threw your arm out, and something pushed Patricia. You didn’t even touch her. There was no wind on that day, but it was like you had brought it with you. Your hair was rustling.” Bianca shook her head.

Patricia had been her enemy.

“I remember someone saying something about my eyes,” Lucy said.

“Your eyes did go scary. It’s the way they always go when you’re doing magic,” Bianca said. Her friend laughed. “Patricia had tried to make out that she wasn’t afraid of you, and rushed toward you in an attempt to catch you off guard.”

Lucy had reacted, or at least her body had. She turned to a fallen branch, and as if she was lifting it, she had thrust it at Patricia. The other girl had been in shock, and when that didn’t work, a fireball had appeared in her palm, and she’d thrown it at Patricia.

“Even to this day it gives me goosebumps,” Bianca said.

It wasn’t one of Lucy’s best memories. There had been outcries for her banishment. Lucy was a witch, and witches didn’t mix well with wolves. Witches were wolves’ natural enemies.

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