The Mistress Files(8)

By: Tiffany Reisz

“God, yes. I was scared, though. It was all happening so fast and Rex was pretty big. He could hurt me if he went in too fast.”

“I think most men need the word foreplay tattooed on their cocks. Like a Post-it note—just permanent.”

Sheridan grinned as she lifted her hips a few inches off the pillow. Squirmy thing. Another good sign.

“Truth. But that time Rex managed to control himself enough. He dropped to his knees and buried his face in me.”

“There might be some redemption for this man. Continue.”

The Mistress pressed open Sheridan’s labia. The girl was soaking wet inside. Gently The Mistress massaged her outer lips in an effort to bring even more blood flowing to her clitoris.

“He attacked me with his tongue, pushed it all the way inside me. It was weird feeling him at that angle. Usually when he went down on me I was on my back, not on my stomach sprawled across a table. But it was a good weird, a good angle. I got so wet you could hear it when he stuck his fingers in me.”

“How many fingers?”

“Three or four. Can’t remember. Couldn’t tell. They slid right in, I was so wet by then. Slid in deep. He traded off...he used his fingers on me for a minute or two...then back to oral—he loved to lick me. He’d spread me open really wide and just dive in face first.”

“If he loves going down on women, he can’t be all that bad.”

“He wasn’t...really, he wasn’t. And sometimes he was even good.”

“When he was fucking you?”

“Exactly. Yeah, so he fucked me with his fingers until I was dripping for him.”

“You’re dripping for me,” The Mistress told her with a smile. She still hadn’t gone inside Sheridan yet wanting to hold off as long as possible.

“I can’t remember the last time I was this turned on.”

“I know my way around a vagina. Go on with the story.”

“So when I was dripping wet for him, he stood up and unbuckled his belt.”

“I love that sound.”

Sheridan murmured her agreement. “He was good at that, too...unbuckling his belt with one hand while his other hand got his cock out....”

The Mistress bit her lip to stifle a laugh. America’s Sweetheart had an exquisitely dirty mouth when turned on enough.

“I was dying....” Sheridan said as she moved her hands to her own breasts and began to touch her nipples. “I wanted him inside me so fucking much. No matter how fast he moved, it wasn’t fast enough. I think I begged. Out loud maybe. I know I said ‘Please.’”

“Did he please?”

“Oh, yeah, he pleased. He pleased hard,” Sheridan said with a giggle so amorous she sounded intoxicated. “He slammed into me in one stroke. My hips had bruises on them the next morning from how hard he went it. I kept going to the bathroom just to look at them. He owned me with that thrust.”

He owned me.... The Mistress had pegged Sheridan as a submissive. With three words she outed herself.

“On the opposite of the foyer was this big mirror. I remember turning my head and watching him as he fucked me.”

“I love doing that. Men think they’re the visual ones, but who needs internet porn when you’ve got a mirror at the end of your bed?”

“I should get one. God, it was amazing watching him. I’d never done that before really...watched him while he fucked me. He was almost out of his mind. He wasn’t even holding onto me, just the edge of the table. He just...” Sheridan paused for a breath and to open her thighs even wider. Good, The Mistress thought. Sheridan was close to going out of her mind waiting to be penetrated. “He just pounded me. It was brutal. I heard the table feet scraping the tile floor. And he was grunting and panting like he was in pain almost. You should have seen him...I did see him. I still can see him.”

The Mistress let Sheridan fall silent. The girl was no doubt lost in the most erotic memory of her life, the memory of a man so consumed with lust for her he nearly ate her alive in the foyer of his town house before he even could be bothered with a “hello.”

“What else can you see?” The Mistress asked as she opened Sheridan wider and stroked her inner lips. The girl was slick with desire and remembered passion.

“He grabbed the back of my neck and held me down hard against the table. He was absolutely ramming into me by that point. I don’t was like he knew that would be our last night together even though I hadn’t told him.”

“Did you orgasm then?”

Sheridan shook her head. “No. He came first. Loudly. Usually he was so quiet during sex, really intense. But that time he just groaned. I usually couldn’t feel it when he came, either, but that night I did. When he pulled out, his cum dribbled down my legs and onto the floor.”

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