The Mistress Files(9)

By: Tiffany Reisz

“I hope he had a forgiving housekeeper.”

“He left me laying on table while he zipped his pants back up. Then he grabbed me and picked me up. I laughed out loud at that. Crazy... It was so Gone With the Wind, him carrying me up the stairs. I told him I could walk.”

“You look like you weigh about ninety-five pounds. Let the man carry you.”

“I did and I loved it. I loved it when he threw me onto his bed upstairs. And I loved it when he took his belt and whipped the back of my legs with it.”

“Ohh...masochistic streak. I can work with that.”

“I hope you do, Mistress,” Sheridan said, her voice dropping an octave. “He didn’t hit me very often. Didn’t want anyone seeing the welts.”

“Occupational hazard in my world. Our world,” The Mistress corrected. The sooner Sheridan accepted her kinky side, the sooner she’d be able to enjoy sex again.

“Exactly. But I was eighteen then and we were wild that night. He whipped me from ass to ankles....”

“I’m putting that on my to-do list.”

“And then he tied to me to the bed on my back. He was already hard again. He crawled on top of me...I loved looking at him. I don’t know why but he always wore his suit during sex. Never undressed. He’d take off his jacket, roll up his sleeves, but that was it. He’d leave on the vest or his tie... I loved it, though. It felt so dirty being naked while he was fully dressed in his sexy business suits. Maybe that’s why he did it.”

The Mistress kept her mouth shut. A man in his late thirties, early forties, having an affair with beautiful a teenage girl? She knew exactly why he kept his clothes on during sex. Sheridan’s lover didn’t want her seeing his aging body. But The Mistress didn’t tell Sheridan that.

“What did he do then?”

“He fucked me again. Not as hard this time. Slower...much slower. It was always slower the second time. And he finally kissed me. And while he was kissing me he started rubbing my clit. That was my favorite...when he touched my clit while inside me. I came every time when he did that.”

“Like this?”

The Mistress turned her hand and pushed three fingers deep into Sheridan’s body as she carefully rubbed her clitoris with her other hand. As the first penetration, Sheridan gasped and dug her hands back into the cushions.

She nodded mutely. Just like that.

“Keep remembering, Sheridan,” The Mistress ordered. “But don’t talk. Just remember how good it felt, this man on top of you and inside you, and how it felt when you hit that moment when the pressure starts to build and you know if he just keeps doing exactly what he’s doing you’re going to come and come hard....”

The Mistress pushed the knuckle of her thumb into Sheridan’s G-spot and smiled as the girl flinched with pleasure. Sheridan’s head fell back and the heels of her shoes dug so hard into the silk cushion that the fabric started to rip. Lost in ecstasy, Sheridan didn’t even seem to notice.

A lifetime of experience with the female orgasm had taught The Mistress that all she had to do now was not stop. A red flush spread across Sheridan’s chest. Her breathing had quickened wildly. Every muscle in her legs had gone taut. The Mistress pushed in another finger and the girl’s body opened to her like a flower. With a little lube, she could have shoved her whole hand into the girl. But they’d save that for next time. Now all that mattered was getting Sheridan to the edge and pushing her over it.

“I want you to come for me, Sheridan. I’m ordering you to come for me. I’m not taking off that blindfold or letting you out of this room until you come for me. I don’t care if takes all night. You can do this.”

“I don’t’s been years...I—”

“It’s not you, Sheridan. It’s them. The guys you’ve been with who didn’t understand who you are and what you are. You can orgasm. There’s nothing wrong with you. They didn’t know what they were doing. Vanilla sex with a guy who treats you like his best buddy isn’t going to do for it. And it shouldn’t. You deserve better sex than that. You belong at the feet of a man who owns you and treats you like his property and inflicts orgasms on you like a punishment....”

“Oh, God...” she panted between breaths.

The Mistress pushed harder onto her clitoris, moved her hand faster and deeper insider her vagina....

“There’s nothing wrong with you, Little Miss.”

Sheridan’s hips rose again off the cushion and hovered a few inches in the air.

“This nothing wrong with you at all,” The Mistress said and shoved in once more.

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