The Runaway Viper:Book Two in the Viper Series

By: Kirsty-Anne Still

Book two in The Viper Series

Chapter One

I uncurl from my position. The sun beating down upon my body and I smile as I wake up to the heat. This is how life has been since Jace, in all manner of wording, kidnapped me.

We've resulted to never lingering too long in one place, but Jace has promised that when we make it to the right place we'll settle down. We can't run forever. That's no life. The entire point of Jace saving me was so we could make a life together, prepare for a perfect future.

I look down at the stretch of white sand to my left and just muse wistfully. We’ve been in the Dominican Republic the longest. We’ve been in this state of bliss, a honeymoon phase if you will, for almost two months and I don’t want to leave. I’ve grown attached and I know Jace has too.

"Australia," Jace suddenly calls out to me.

I whip my head around, looking across the sandy dunes to him. I squint to watch him intently.

“It’s a country,” I state dryly and he laughs. “What about it?”

“How do you feel about starting a life there?” he asks as he crosses the distance between us. “I’m a lawyer; I have a trade. It’s feasible for me to get you placed on my VISA to enter the country. Think of all the opportunities you’ll have. You’ll finally be able to do something with your talent.”

I don’t respond; I’m caught up in the ideology he’s bestowed upon me. I’d give anything to play in the orchestra of the Sydney Opera House. I’ve dreamed of composing the next best melody, having my name known for what I can create, not what I’ve done.

“Should I worry over your silence?”

“No,” I whisper coyly and tilt my head to look up at him. “It sounds like a perfect idea.”

He drops onto my sun lounger and I feel it sink into the sand beneath us. Jace leans in, his half-naked body towering over me and I can now see the perspiration beading all over his tanned skin. My eyes continue to glide over his skin until I’m staring up into his blue eyes. They’re my little pools of heaven, ones that I look into first thing in the morning.


I shake my head. “There are no buts.” There really isn’t this time. We’re here, together, living in domesticated bliss. Right now, I’ve started to believe in our future. It’s there, a breath away. “Let’s make a life.”

I watch as his features lighten up, dragging his lips into a bright smile so full of life and excitement, I feel overwhelmed by it. “It’s been a long wait, but I think we did it,” he muses. From his tone, he fully believes we’ve outrun the devil.

A piece of me feigns happiness. It resides within me, lingering at the back of every moment, reminding me that we are only running away from something that can ultimately pounce upon this perfect life. I cannot dispute how quiet this life has been for us. Even if I panic at every sound and bump in the night, I cannot lie, living with Jace, building what we have only ever dreamed of, has been something I cannot help but enjoy. I lavish every single second we have without cause for alarm.

“Stop that,” Jace abruptly scolds me. He looks amused when my head shoots up to stare at him. “Stop overthinking. We’re safe.”

But are we?

Taking a deep breath, I know I need to calm the storm that is beginning to take over within me. So I smile and resume the state of blissful unawareness I was in before this chat.

Jace obviously agrees as he begins to play with the bow on my bikini briefs. I feel him tug and the strings pull apart. I look down as one side of my bikini bottom falls open, leaving me vulnerable. When I steal my attention to focus on his face, he has that crooked grin. I feel the butterflies liven up, fluttering into a frenzy. It’s so sudden I catch myself looking over Jace’s shoulder, looking for any form of life that could catch us in the act.

“We’re alone,” he admonishes my sudden rush of fear.

I know we are. It’s crazy to think otherwise. This tiny slice of heaven is so secluded and peaceful, if we find anyone on the premises, Jace will call the police and get charge them with trespassing. I think it’s one of the reasons I love it here, total seclusion was promised. Jace made sure of that.

I’m brought back from my thoughts as Jace’s hand travels across my body, his hand untying the strings to the other side of my bikini bottoms. I gulp, my eyes keeping watch on his as they become drawn with lust and he looks at me under hooded lids.

Moving smoothly, Jace moves up the sun lounger, only to surprise me by lowering it. I find myself flat on my back, the sun and bright blue sky above me. My eyes struggle to adjust until Jace towers over me, blocking out the brightness. His body is covering me as he moves to touch all over my sun kissed body with his lips.

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