The Voice of Love

By: Debbie Gordon

BWWM Western Romance

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Sophia thought that she had it all when she married her daughter’s dad and moved into their own home. She had known him for years and they had spent many nights together in their youths, as they partied and drank the night away, but with the responsibility of a new baby weighing on their minds they find their relationship put under strain.

When Sophia finds herself waiting at home for him to come home from the pub yet again, her temper flairs and she tells him that it’s about time that he steps up. What she doesn’t expect is what happens next. What she doesn’t expect is to find herself with her baby in her arms, as she runs through the night in the desperate attempt at escape.

That’s the night that everything changes, but things don’t start getting better until one night when a handsome cowboy walks into the bar where Sophia is working. That’s when everything starts to turn around for Sophia and that’s also when she finds herself in a position where she could lose everything that she has ever loved.

Chapter One

I looked at my watch and then out of the window. It was getting late and I was starting to worry about him. I could Lisa stirring in her crib and I quickly made my way through the house to make sure that she was okay. She was fine, as she gurgled and smiled in her sleep. I wondered what she might be dreaming about, as I watched her. I had never known love until I had, had Lisa. I had never understood what unconditional meant, until I held her in my arms and then everything about my life made sense. I knew why I was here and what my purpose was, and that was to look after her. It was to make sure that she had the best life I could possibly give her and it was to make sure that she knew, she always had somebody in this world that would never turn their back on her. She was my baby and I loved her more than life itself.

I could hear the rain beating against the window, as I closed her bedroom door gently and made my way back to the living room. It had looked, as though, there might be a thunderstorm all day, but it hadn’t unleashed its power until night fell on my little town. I put my face up against the cold glass of the window, as I tried to see passed the end of our little garden, but between the rain and the night, I couldn’t see anything.

I looked at my watch again. This was getting late even for him. I could feel a sense of real panic starting to fill me, as I considered all the possibilities. I knew where he had gone when he had left earlier that night. He had gone to the pub. I knew that after a drink he wasn’t the most sensible of men and I tried to tell myself that he wouldn’t have done anything stupid. He wouldn’t have gotten back into his car and drove home. He wasn’t lying in a ditch somewhere, dead. He would be fine, he must have just lost track of the time, I reassured myself, as I paced the floor.

I heard the crunch of the stones under his feet first. His footsteps sounded sloppy, as though he wasn’t walking in a straight line. A sense of relief washed over me, as I realized that he was fine, but that was quickly replaced by anger. He had let me worry about him all night, whilst he had been out getting drunk. I tried to think of the last time that he had actually spent a night at home with me and his daughter, but I honestly couldn’t think of when it was.

I heard the front door creaking open, as his drunken fumbling footsteps, continued into the house. I didn’t go to meet him at the door. I waited in the living room for him. I wasn’t about to go running to him when he had left alone for yet another night. I wasn’t going to check that he was okay, when he couldn’t even be bothered dropping me a text to let me know he wasn’t dead.

When he walked into the living room, all my previous relief had turned to anger and I could feel my cheeks burning red, as I waited for him to apologize.

“Hey babe.” He slurred, as he stumbled into the room and threw himself down on the couch.

“Hey yourself.” I said, as I shot him a dirty look from across the room.

“Now that’s not very nice is?” He said with a sneer, which contorted his face and filled it with the look of the devil.

I had met Dominic three years ago at one of the town’s fundraisers. We had hit it off instantly and our relationship quickly became serious. Back then I was happy to go out drinking and having a good time, because I had no one relying on me. I was my own person and I had lost all direction in my life. The only thing I knew how to do was party, but when I found out that I was pregnant everything changed.

The same couldn’t be said about Dominic. At first he had been really supportive, as he got excited about the prospect of being a dad, but when the Lisa was born, he quickly fell back into his old ways, leaving me at home with her, whilst he went out and partied.

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