You Don't Own Me(143)

By: Georgia Le Carre

‘Good boy,’ she approves. She brushes her chin against his head and looks at me. ‘You can teach him so many other things.’

I grin. God I love this woman so much I could eat her. She just solved my biggest problem. Here is the bodyguard that I was looking for. I will train him myself. This dog will go everywhere she goes and be her protector when I am not around.


Christmas Night

I get back from the toilet and there is a dark shadow on my side of the bed. I go closer and it raises its head and gives a low growl.

‘What the fuck?’ I swear.

I hear a giggle from Snow’s side of the bed.

I switch on the light and Snow has her head buried under the cover, trying to stop herself from laughing, but her shoulders are shaking silently. On my side of the bed, Genghis has his teeth bared and his eyes are downright frosty. It looks quite comical. Then Snow pops her head out of the blanket and she is laughing behind her hands.

Suddenly I freeze with the realization of how precious this moment is. I wish that I could hold it for a hundred years. My four-month-old, usurper puppy trying to claim my woman for himself, and my woman giggling like the most beautiful, carefree child.

But I know the puppy will become a loyal dog, the giggling beauty will become a woman who will have my children, the dog will die, and the woman will become old, wrinkled and frail.

And then we’ll all become a fistful of dust.

But today … my cock is throbbing with hot blood and I am king of my empire of dirt.

I chase the dog away, rip open my dressing gown, and claim the woman. A big cock wrapped up in a ribbon and a bow is extremely difficult to resist.

The dog is too young to know: the second mouse always gets the cheese.

The End.

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